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a little about me.


who’s this bloke then?

quick facts

Age | 24 I think…
Likes | Tea, Coffee & Biscuits
DAW of Choice | Logic Pro X

Favourite Film | The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Favourite composers/producers
– Takatsugu Muramatsu
– Joe Hisaishi
– James Everingham
– Ludovico Einaudi
– Sleepy Fish
– Thomas Newman
– John Powell
– Theodore Shapiro
– Harry Lightfoot

a little about me

Tom is a UK based soundtrack composer for media, currently specializing in Production Library Music. He is presently a member of the Youth Council at the Ivor’s Academy (previously BASCA) and works with composers Jo Ranger, Eleanor Parker, and Jake Morgan on ‘Composurs Convursations’ (a vidcast aimed at young composers). He has a love of Science, Nature and Historical Documentaries (and is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of anime on the side).

Tom is currently studying an MA in ‘Professional Media Composition’ taught by EMMY and ANNIE nominee Guy Michelmore. He is presently building on skills in audio sampling, video production and app development (he’s also learning Japanese on the side).

He has also been a professional piano tutor since age 16. Although he loves teaching and takes pride in his student’s achievements, tuition isn’t his main focus.

about me