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a little about me.


who’s this bloke then?

Tom Prince! Composer and Piano Tutor!

quick facts

Age | 23 I think…
Likes | Tea, Coffee & Biscuits
DAW of Choice | Logic Pro X

Favourite Film | The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Favourite composers/producers
– Takatsugu Muramatsu
– Joe Hisaishi
– James Everingham
– Ludovico Einaudi
– Sleepy Fish
– Thomas Newman
– John Powell
– Theodore Shapiro
– Harry Lightfoot

a little about me

Tom currently composes Production Library music and is working towards writing music for Film/Tv and Games. He is based on the outskirts of Leamington Spa and started learning the Piano at the age of 6 and started to compose at the age of 12.

He studied the Piano under Esther Duxbury and Colin Druce (A.R.C.M.) for 16 years gaining a comprehensive grounding in music and music performance! In particular, Music Technology, Music Theory, Music Analysis, Harmony and Music History. Tom also plays the Celtic Harp and Steel Pans among others.

Tom studied under Louise Vance-Hatch (BAHons) at Warwickshire College studying for an Extended Diploma in Music Performance and Production Arts.

After graduating from College, Tom continues with his studies and is currently taking an MA in Professional Media Composition taught by EMMY and ANNIE nominee Guy Mitchelmore. His passion is composing for media and is currently doing library work in an effort to work towards that goal. Tom also takes on private work.