Cinematic Studio Series: Brass, Strings and Solo Strings

Rated 28/30

The Cinematic studio series continues to gain interest from composers and competitors ever since it first released its string Library. Is it really any good? Lets do a checklist review!

If you’ve already purchased the library see if you agree with me!

Usability 9/10

  • Runs on Kontakt (Native Instruments).
  • Easily adaptable for a variety of workflows, but is geared more towards Key-switching.
  • The mic positions come pre-mixed to a perfectly acceptable standard and can be further customised. You get 3 mic positions (all capable of having separate outputs).
  • Dynamics for long patches are controlled using the mod wheel.
  • Short patches are controlled using key velocity. Mod-wheel controls variant of articulation (i.e. Stacc, Spicc, Pizz etc.)
  • Legato Algorithm is a good representation to the true sound and can be toggled on and off and is variable on speed of consecutive notes.
  • Offers flexibility with assigning CC’s for different functions, such as expression and vibrato.
  • Doesn’t use a tonne of RAM (1 fully loaded instruments using approx. 0.9-1.2Gb) even less if the patches are purged (making templates load much quicker)!
  • The articulations are already mixed with each other.
  • The setup allows for a smooth, easy transition to a new workflow.
  • Good quality built in reverb.

Sound Quality 9/10

  • Natural, warm sound!
  • Doesn’t require reverb at all. The sound of the room complements the sound well while retaining a dry sound.
  • As said earlier, the Legatos are realistic.
  • Main articulations are included and mostly are very well represented.
  • Con-sordino and Mutes are ok, perhaps sounding a little processed at times. But otherwise are a great addition to the library.
  • Solo String patches are quite quiet (so may need to be boosted considerably for quartets or trios).
  • String Section patches are good to go from the start.
  • Brass Section and Solo patches are a little fiddly to balance against the Strings, but nothing out of the norm.

Value 10/10 (Conclusion)

This Library is a onestop shop for a simple, easy to use, yet detailed library, ideal for the modern busy composer! Would highly recommend!

Let us know what you think about these libraries!

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