Checklist Review Series

Having read other lengthy reviews that are perfectly acceptable, I’ve come to realise that when I read through these reviews I find myself filtering through what seems like a metric tonne of fancy decorative language before I find the points that I really care about. So… I’m starting a low filtering, no jargon “Checklist Review Series” where I condense my personal findings and present you with the points.

But why??

Professional Musicians don’t tend to have a lot of time to spare. If a little time can be spared and achieve the same result, why waste the time? I’m sure we’d all prefer to have that extra 10 minutes, whether its for a lie-in, to see the family, or High Impact Training (if you’re into that…).

What can we expect?

Concise Explanations… <— Like that! (and the occasional spelling and grammatical error… I’m only human.)

The Point System…

The reviews will be scored out of 10 in each area (makes it a little easier to work out percentages). (Rubbish 1->10 Perfect). The overall score will also be out of 10 and will be placed at the top of the page for quick reading!

I’m getting the ball rolling with the Cinematic Studio Series current range.

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